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About Highguard of Numenor

Welcome to the New Highguard of Numenor Website,

We were founded on March 4, 2009 by several players whose vision of game play was similar - to have fun and help others.

We have a great group of people here that are wonderful crafters, adventurers and truly enjoy playing this game together.

This web page is for existing kin members.  To apply to use and access the web page features : 

1. Use the **** Apply to Kin Web Page **** option to the left.

2. All applicants must be 16 or older, or vouched for by another kin member if under 16.

3. Please list all character names you currently have in the kinship.

4. Wait for approval (should be less than 24 hours).

5. Add your character(s) to the roster. You can add characters from the "User Profile" link on the far upper right of this screen.

When you've done that, please look at some of the old forum posts. We have information on crafting, our own lottery, a listing of legendary class items, raid sign ups, polls, etc. See you in-game!

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